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Moodwire joins Pointlogic in delivering social web analytics.

Everyone likes to be heard, which is in part why the social web has been such a powerful cultural innovation. But with so much being said, it’s sometimes hard to know who’s really listening.

Big data has made a dent in deciphering conversations and breaking them down to create value, for both customers and brands—but one clear obstacle still stands between these efforts and the perfectly targeted experience that carries the average shopper from discovery to purchase, according to a recent McKinsey report.

That is human emotion.

But the struggle for marketers in knowing what they should do with data and figuring out how to do it has just gotten a little easier with the partnership of Pointlogic and Moodwire, two major market leaders in turning customer insight into action.

The two firms have recently joined forces to illuminate the link between how customers feel and what they buy.

Pointlogic supports media agencies and brands in their quest to provide consumers with relevant, need-it-now product and service information. Moodwire ( focuses on social web listening analytics. The two together will deliver real-time social media data within Pointlogic’s Commspoint software, the industry’s leading strategic planning platform.

According to McKinsey’s 2014 Insights Report, investments in new advertising channels are necessary to make deeper, more sophisticated use of social networks, engaging with customers directly and converting their initial interest into sales. Integrating web and social analytics are an important, necessary part of an evolving and intricate puzzle that can’t be easily solved—but must be, in order to understand and better serve customers.

“Performing deep conversation analysis within (the social web) can uncover the topics and themes which are organically being discussed positively,” said social expert Jamie Robinson. “YouTube tracking can help a brand learn what video content is working for a competitor, and Twitter analysis could uncover which are the most frequent questions being asked by customers.”


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